4X4Mayhem Rules and Regulations

1. Players are only allowed to have one account, owning two or more accounts will result in all accounts being Fed jailed, if you are on the same IP as another player, mail staff and let them know. We understand some players are Military, Office workers, Family members, in these cases it is your obligation to let a member of staff know immediatley upon finding out.

2. If you are NOT a player less then 30 DAYS old, you CAN NOT have 4x4 Welcome kits in your ToolBox, or have any sent to you. ANY PLAYER over 30 days who gets sent one MUST return it BACK to the player who sent it to them. Any player over 30 DAYS OLD caught with one in their ToolBox gets 30 DAYS FED... NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! Just fedded! These are for new players, period. 4x4 Welcome Kits are non transferable in any way shape or form.

3. You are responsible for whatever happens on your account, don't give out your password to anyone.

4. Profile images should be in good taste, if it isnt allowed in magazines like Maxim, we dont allow it either.

5. We understand that you play other games, but do not advertise them here. We do not advertise on other games out of respect for others and we expect the same.

6. Do not spam the staff's mailbox, if you have a problem, message one of us once. They will deal with your problem in a timely manner, but do not mail them repeatedly, or mail multiple staff members.

7. Scamming will not be tolerated in any manner. Any attempt to scam anyone will result in being jailed for a long long time.

8. If a member of staff is bothering you for any unfair or just plain, weird reason, mail ID [1]

9. Common sense rules are not posted here, if you can't determine the difference between what is ok, and what is not, you should consider not interacting with other people until you do understand.

10. If you know of someone with a multi, that are cheating or abusing please report to a member of staff or use our report system there are reward systems in place for the catching of a cheater and yes you are given complete anonominity.

11. The account holder is responsible for their account actions at all times even if someone logs into your account such as a family member or your multiple personality you will be held responsible this is why you need to keep your email and password secure. Accounts will be returned the their proper owner provided that the player can prove their identity. No game items or game currency will be returned however.

12. Same IP transfers are prohibited. There are exceptions to this rule as follows: We understand some of you are in College, Military, Yahoo, AOL, family and have revised this rule just for you. No other same IP transfer is authorized. The Rules will be enforced as follows:
12a. College Networks are allowed to do same IP transfers providing BOTH accounts are active playing accounts. This means they need to be within the same Level and playing status in game. DO not even think about having new sign up send you stuff, this will get you fed time. Also both accounts must be over 7 days old. NO Exception.
12b. Family Members also fall under the College Network Rule. Any Family Member Same IP accounts must have staff note thier account that this is a Family Member account. This will be enforced.
12c. Yahoo, AOL, and Military accounts are the ONLY different account in which you can do same IP transfers without having to meet a 7 days old time restraint. However all other rules as stated above do still apply.
12d. If staff asks you about it, be courteous about it, dont answer a question with a question or any of that childish nonsense. If you give the staff a hard time you can end up in fed for obviously trying to hide a possible multi.
12e. We can and WIll check the validity of your IP address. If you claim to be either of the above and are not after a same IP transfer, we will fed your account and delete the inventory of the member you sent you items to. In the same token Any player found tryin to set someone up by transferring them stuff to get them in trouble will in turn be IP Banned and deleted with possible legal action for business disruption. If you are on the receiving end of this scam let a member of staff know as soon as you can.

13a. Quitting: If you decide to leave the game for any given reason the transfer of Oil, cash, game items, or any other property you have as a player is strictly forbidden. Violating this rule will only land all parties involved in Fed Jail. Trying to skirt this rule by using Clubs to shuffle any quitting account property or using the markets also will land all parties in Fed Jail. If you feel you want your account items to stay in circulation then you can send them to ID 4 so he can auction them off at a later time. This is the only authorized quitting transfer allowed. ALSO The selling of game accounts, currency or anything within the game for either real money or in another game currency is not permitted. Any player found doing so will get a 300 day jail sentence along with any other accounts on the same IP.
13b. Selling of game accounts is allowed, but the owners of the game will not be responsible for anything resulting from such actions. We will not intervene in ANY case of a dispute arising from the selling of a game account. There is a 20$ USD processing FEE to sell your game account. If you sell your account without going thru the proper channels, that account will be deleted no questions asked. In order to sell your account, find a buyer, contact an Admin about your intentions then paypal your payment to owner@4x4mayhem.com. If you are buying an account, notify an Admin as well with your intentions of doing so. The buyer or seller can pay the fee. The account will then be noted as sold account cleared by a member of KRAP along with the Admin notes on IP switching from one account to the next. All account property etc to do with the account will have a admin assigned to it in order to facilitate a trouble free account transfer.

14. Any player found crossing game lines will also be fedded. If you have problems with another player in a different game do not bring your problems here we dont need the drama.

15. Any player found logging into another players account will be dealt with by staff. This is not allowed as it can constitute multis. Even if sole permission is given from one account holder to another, it is still against the rules. Again, just dont do it. If for some unforseen circumstance requires this to happen, YOU MUST have expressed consent, and have gotton an OK from Admin or higher as well as making sure, absolutly sure that the accounts are noted by staff. If there is no notes, then there is no clearance to do so.

16. Threats of personal harm or threats of any nature to damage, cause to cease operating, or any other threat to the equipment or person of any player, staff member, or owner of the game shall be pursued with all vigor to any law enforcement agency available to handle such threats, up to and including reporting to www.ic3.com. This is an INTOLERABLE action and will be dealt with most harshly along with threats or actions to cause harm to the website, game files, or any other nature of operation of 4x4 Mayhem shall be dealt with in the same manner as described in the Terms of Service.

17. These rules are subject to change without notice, check them from time to time, as ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.
Thank you for reading, we are here to offer you a great game but we must have rules to follow.

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